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Since launching in 2014, the Gin Kiosk has been proudly helping gin enthusiasts connect with amazing independent producers. And now, it’s offering three kits for your delectation, each lovingly curated for the perfect flavour combination. All you have to do is choose your favourite kit from the following list and claim your deal!



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Manly Lilly Pink Gin

Manly Lilly Pilly Gin is a serious gin with a cutesy name. Infused with lilly pilly berries and pink flowers found on the dunes of Sydney’s beaches, this is a sweet, delicate gin with a candy stripe of colour.

Chase Rhubarb & Bramley Apple Gin

Chase Distillery’s take on a Pink Gin; Rhubarb and Bramley Apple is a sharp, tangy tipple redolent of early autumn harvests. Nana’s crumble meets nana’s booze cupboard in all the right ways.

Chase Pink Grapefruit & Pomelo Gin

Chase Pink Grapefruit & Pomelo Gin is a zesty, zingy and refreshing offering, bursting with waxy peels and soft, piney juniper. It’s a truly memorable gin that carries the scent of a sun soaked citrus grove.

Each gin comes with the 12x Sekforde Gin Mixers, which eschews the customary pairing of sugar and quinine to counterbalance the piney depth of the juniper in gin. Instead, it uses a soft sweetness from rose and raspberry extracts. These flavours offer an evocatively summery characteristic, and are even light and fresh enough to add refreshment to vodka’s crystalline purity. The flavours from this initial combination merge seamlessly into the sage and other dry, leafy botanicals in the Sekforde, giving a cool and subtle backdrop so you can enjoy the long finish.

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Option 1

  • Chase Rhubarb & Bramley Apple Gin & 12x Sekforde Mixers
  • Deal Price: £40.99 (20% discount)

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Option 2 

  • Manly Spirit Lilly Pilly Pink Gin & 12x Sekforde Mixers
  • Deal Price: £35.99 (26% discount)

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Option 3 

  • Chase Pink Grapefruit and Pomelo Gin & 12x Sekforde Mixers
  • Deal Price: £37.99 (discount 19%)

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