Ravioli Recipe with Buttered Lemon Greens

Best ever vegetarian pasta recipes

Vegetarian pasta is a great way to make the most out of the fresh flavours of seasonal veg. Whether you’re vegetarian, flexitarian or fancy a change to meat one evening, try one of our recipes including pasta norma, spinach ravioli and classic puttanesca

In the mood for vegetable pasta? Our vegetarian pasta recipes will give you plenty of inspiration for midweek meals and vegetarian entertaining ideas. From quick and easy vegetable spaghetti and puttanesca recipes, to one pot vegetable pasta recipes to save on the washing up. We even have Padella Pasta’s legendary pici cacio e pepe recipe, a classic Tuscan recipe involving lots of butter, cheese and pepper. Try one of our favourite vegetarian pasta dishes…


Vegan bolognese

Check out this meat-free bolognese. This vegan version of a family favourite uses mushrooms and plenty of veg, making it a low-fat healthy vegan friendly meal, everyone will love.

Vegan Bolognese Recipe

Vegetarian mac and cheese with greens 

Macaroni cheese must be the ultimate comfort food. Here it is given a dose of green goodness in this super creamy and indulgent recipe from Marcus Samuelsson of Shoreditch’s Red Rooster restaurant. Toasted breadcrumbs add an extra crunch to this hearty family meal. Check out our other macaroni cheese recipes here…

Macaroni and Cheese With Greens Recipe

Kale, ricotta and leek lasagne

Try our vegetarian alternative to the classic meat lasagne with layers of greens and fresh pesto. This kale, ricotta and leek lasagne is low in calories and super easy to whip up, a great midweek meal to feed the family.

kale, ricotta and leek lasagne

Green linguine

Check out this super simple linguine recipe. This quick and easy pasta dish is veggie friendly and it’s low in calories, a great midweek meal for 2.

Green linguine recipe

Courgetti with pesto and balsamic tomatoes

Who needs pasta when you can have spiralized courgette? Try our easy ‘courgetti’ recipe, made with baby plum tomatoes, garlic, pesto, pine nuts and a lot of courgette noodles. Our favourite courgetti recipes are here, try one out…

Courgetti Recipe With Pesto and Balsamic Tomatoes

Casarecce with raw tomato sauce

Deliciously simple, this vegan recipe is a perfect midweek dinner standby; raw cherry tomatoes bursting with flavour and finely chopped spring onions are given a touch of heat with tabasco before being tossed through al dente pasta. Top with a handful of fresh basil leaves and dinner is served in 15 minutes. Casarecce is a twisted short pasta tube that retains a good bite but feel free to experiment with alternative shapes.

Casarecce with raw tomato sauce

Ravioli with buttered lemon greens

Another quick vegetarian recipe packed with flavour; a great option for when you’re short on time. Spinach and ricotta ravioli nestles in a bowl of green goodness and a zesty, buttery sauce for a comforting pasta dish without the high calorie count. Check out our other quick and easy vegetarian recipes here…

Ravioli with buttered lemon greens

Padella’s pici cacio e pepe

Italian simplicity at its finest, this vegetarian recipe from Borough Market’s Padella is a classic hailing from the heart of Tuscany. Pici cacio e pepe combines thick strands of pasta with a smooth, buttery sauce spiked with black pepper to create this comforting dish. Follow these simple steps to make your own pasta dough and shape it by hand for a truly authentic Italian experience in your own home.

pici cacio

One-pan puttanesca

Less washing up, meat free and a 15 minute meal for one; this one-pan puttanesca packs a punch and is a perfect midweek dinner. Combining all the ingredients in one pan means the pasta soaks up the flavours and the starch from the pasta creates a rich tomato-y sauce with anchovies, capers, olives and garlic.

A bowl of puttanesca pasta, made using the one-pot method

One-pot pasta with goat’s cheese and spinach

Cook everything together for a rich and creamy pasta dish with soft goat’s cheese, chopped spring onions and wilted spinach. This vegetarian recipe for two only takes 20 minutes and is especially delicious with an extra grating of parmesan over the top.

goats cheese and spinach pasta

Sweet shallot and ricotta pasta

Sweet, golden shallots caramelised with brown sugar and thyme are a match made in heaven with blobs of creamy ricotta and linguine. The crisp parmesan and breadcrumb topping is the secret weapon in this light but indulgent pasta supper for two that also benefits from being vegetarian.

Sweet shallot and ricotta pasta

Cauliflower and fontina cannelloni

This recipe for cauliflower and fontina cannelloni comes from the chefs at Cantino Corvino, London. A vegetarian dinner guaranteed to impress; contrasting textures of cauliflower, a medley of cheeses, crispy sage and nutty brown butter wonderfully combine to create a delicious, comforting pasta dish. We have plenty of cauliflower ideas here…

Cauliflower and Fontina Cannelloni Recipe

Broccoli, chilli and lemon wholewheat pasta

A healthy, low calorie, vegetarian pasta dish for two. Wholewheat spaghetti adds fibre without affecting the taste and the broccoli is added to the pasta pan at the end of its cooking for ease. The chilli, lemon and garlic sauce is simple but makes a flavoursome, zesty sauce with a kick of heat to coat the long strands of pasta.

Broccoli, chilli and lemon wholewheat pasta recipe

Pasta alla genovese

Fresh basil pesto coats al dente pasta in this classic vegetarian dish from Italy that uses simple ingredients and is ready in just 15 minutes. Fresh green beans and tender new potatoes work really well with the herby sauce and you can add a squeeze of lemon for extra zing. A perfect midweek family meal that can be rustled up in no time at all.

Pasta Alla Genovese Recipe

Pasta norma

Bring the flavours of Sicily to your home in this satisfying vegetarian dinner for two. The classic ingredients of aubergine, tomato and basil are full of Mediterranean flavour and work best with rigatoni as its fine ridges hold the sauce well.  A scattering of torn basil leaves and a grating of parmesan complete this scrumptious pasta dish.

Pasta Norma Recipe

Pasta with kale, garlic and chilli

Sometimes simple is best; sautéed curly kale with garlic and chilli are all this pasta needs. This healthy, quick vegetarian meal uses only 5 ingredients and is ready in 15 minutes. Try our kale recipes here…

Pasta with kale, garlic and chilli recipe

Open spinach and ricotta ravioli

The flavour combination of wilted, garlicky spinach and crumbled ricotta are layered with fresh pasta sheets to create a meat free open ravioli. This twist on a classic is quick and easy but looks effective, especially with shavings of parmesan and a good grinding of black pepper. You can use dried pasta if you can’t find fresh, and cook according to packet instructions.

Open Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli Recipe

Penne with chopped puttanesca sauce

This fresh, vibrant pasta recipe makes an easy vegetarian midweek meal. The flavours of the chopped puttanesca sauce are allowed to develop and blend together by leaving the ingredients to stand for 10 minutes while cooking the penne. The healthy, raw tomato sauce is elevated with olives, capers, garlic and chilli and would also work well tossed through cold pasta for a summer salad.

Penne with Chopped Puttanesca Sauce Recipe

Butternut squash lasagne

This simple vegetarian take on a family favourite is perfect if you’re trying to cut back on meat, and is ready in just 30 minutes, making it quick enough to cook midweek. Subtly spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, seasonal butternut squash and leafy spinach pair together in this lasagne smothered with melting mozzarella to create comfort food at its best.

Squash, Ricotta and Sage Vegetarian Lasagne Recipe

Rigatoni with broccoli pesto

In this rigatoni recipe broccoli is transformed into a warm pesto with slivers of garlic, crunchy pine nuts and parmesan for a twist on a classic. Perfect for using up broccoli florets and guaranteed to go down well with all the family, it’ll also get the kids eating their greens too. What’s more, it’s vegetarian and ready in just 20 minutes – perfect for midweek.

Butternut squash, spinach and mascarpone lasagne

A great midweek option, this quick veggie lasagne can be on the table in an hour and has layer upon layer of flavour with autumnal butternut squash, creamy mascarpone and a handful of toasted pine nuts. A comforting crowd pleaser, this recipe is sure to satisfy the meat eaters too.


Ricotta and kale cannelloni

A modern twist on a classic, in this ricotta and kale cannelloni recipe the filled tubes snuggle together upright in a mascarpone sauce before being baked with more cheese and a handful of toasted pine nuts to achieve bubbling and golden pasta perfection. An easy but impressive vegetarian option that also freezes well for another time.

Ricotta and kale cannelloni recipe

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