double shroom burger

Best ever vegetarian burgers

Check out our top 12 veggie burgers this weekend from a mouth watering cajun black bean burger to our truffled mushroom burger.

We’ve complied a list of our best ever veggie burgers for you to try this weekend, including some great black bean burger recipes. Out with boring veg burgers and in with our ultimate grillable vegan burgers, spicy beetroot and halloumi burgers with chilli jam and our vibrant allotment burger. Try our show stopping mushroom burger or the jerk halloumi burger for a Jamaican twist. These veggie burgers are easy to make and will impress vegetarians and meat eaters alike – bring on the veggie grill…


Ultimate grillable vegan black bean burgers

With their full-on flavour and meaty texture, suitable for the grill, these completely vegan loaded burgers are an absolute must at any barbecue. They are made with black beans to create the perfect black bean burger.

Ultimate grillable vegan burgers

Spiced falafel burgers

Try our quick and easy spiced falafel burger recipe. These healthy burger patties are vegetarian and low in calories, a great vegetarian falafel recipe for 4.

Spiced falafel burgers
Spiced falafel burgers

Beetroot and halloumi sliders with chilli jam

Our mini veggie burgers made from chickpeas, beetroot and halloumi work great as snacks, starters or even a main course, simply adjust the portion size each time!

beetroot and halloumi sliders with chilli jam

Vegan Cajun black bean burgers with dairy-free slaw

These quick and easy cajun black bean burgers are the perfect dish for a meat-free vegan meal. Packed full of veggies and plenty of flavour, these burgers are super healthy. Serve with dairy-free slaw, and you have a perfect meal for 4

Cajun bean burgers and dairy-free slaw

Double mushroom burger

This ever-popular mushroom burger, with its smoky, charred, flat-mushroom filling, is rarely off the menu at Steak & Honour. The perfect vegetarian option for parties and barbecues.

double shroom burger

Peri peri halloumi burgers with citrus slaw

These peri peri halloumi burgers (made with Nando’s peri peri sauce) are a great alternative to a meaty burger, with the citrus slaw perfectly cutting through the delicious cheesiness. Guaranteed to be a hit with veggies and meat eaters alike!

halloumi burger

Beetroot burgers with herb feta sauce

Easy-to-make vegetarian beetroot burgers with herb feta sauce. Under 300 calories – perfect for a midweek meal.

Beetroot burgers with herb feta sauce

Truffled mushroom burgers

Or as we like to call them, ‘MLT’. M is for mushroom, L is for lettuce and T is for… truffle oil, of course.

truffled mushroom burger

Allotment burgers

This recipe for allotment veggie burgers is genius. The idea behind them is that you can grow many of these ingredients. Add what you’ve got in your garden or allotment. They’re ready in under 30 minutes, are super-easy to put together and vegetarian.

Quick vegetarian recipes ready in under 30 minutes - Allotment burgers

Jerk halloumi burger

This veggie burger is big on flavour thanks to jerk halloumi. This dish is really easy to make, is ready in just 20 minutes and feeds four – perfect for a midweek meal.

Jerk halloumi burger

Freekeh and carrot burgers

Nutty, smoky freekeh is the next big protein-rich supergrain and well worth a try. Not only are these burgers healthy and easy to make, they might just be the best vegetarian burgers ever!

freekeh and carrot burgers

Falafel and halloumi burgers

A great low-calorie recipe for vegetarians. A hearty chickpea burger stuffed into a pitta pocket. For a smoky flavour, try cooking these easy-to-make falafel on the BBQ then serve in warm pitta with traditional pickled chillies.

Falafel and Halloumi Burgers

BBQ portobello burgers

The meat eaters will be jealous of these mouth-watering veggie burgers. Portobello mushrooms are smothered in mustard and barbecued to perfection.

BBQ portobello burgers