The five best olive magazine tart recipes… EVER!

We're trying to find the *best ever* olive magazine tart recipe… here are our top five, as chosen by team olive. Do you agree with us? Or have we missed something out? Just click on the links in blue to go through to the recipe.

Alex, editorial assistant – courgetti, ricotta and tarragon tarts

When it comes to my favourite recipes, I’m all about texture – crisp puff pastry tarts with a creamy layer of ricotta topped with fresh, crunchy courgetti is a clear winner. Everyone is spiralising at the moment, so these individual tarts could be a trendy dinner party starter.


Janine, food editor – warm tomato, mustard and gruyère tart

I love this tart. Layers of Dijon, gruyere and ripe tomatoes perform some kind of magic alchemy in the oven to give the most oozy, luscious, comforting filling.

Laura Rowe, editor – caramelised lemon tart

For me, you don’t get a more satisfying dessert than lemon tart. I love a palate cleanser at the end of a meal. Sweet and sour, wobbly and creamy, it ticks all my favourite pudding boxes. It takes a bit of extra effort – you’re going to have to make shortcrust pastry and that tangy custard (don’t be scared!) – but it’s definitely worth it, particularly because it can be made ahead of time.

That means no last-minute stress and more time for eating. I like to serve mine with crème fraiche, but a dollop of billowy whipped double cream would work just as well, or even a drizzle of melted salted dark chocolate.

Sarah Kingsbury, sub editor – cherry blondie tart

Why have one pud when you can have two? That’s basically what this recipe offers – a delicious gooey blondie backed into a chocolate and cherry lined pastry case. Ready-made pastry makes this an easy option, but it still looks and tastes special enough to serve to family and friends at a dinner party.

Lulu Grimes, deputy editor – Tom Kerridge’s brioche treacle tart

How can anything ever hope to beat a classic treacle tart? There’s a reason why it’s one of the nation’s favourite puddings. Here Tom Kerridge (one of our favourite olive contributors) makes it fancy with brioche breadcrumbs instead of the regular kind… you can really tell the difference in the texture. Remember to serve with a dollop of crème fraîche.

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