Best ever deep-fried recipes

Our seven best ever deep-fried recipes for squid, onion rings, olives, and of course chicken... what a treat! For something really indulgent, go for our deep fried cheese or buttermilk-fried chicken

Lobster goujons with courgette fries


Put a sophisticated modern twist on the classic British fish and chips with this recipe for lobster goujons with courgette fries

Chiltern Firehouse’s crab donuts

London’s The Chiltern Firehouse’s crab donuts (or doughnuts) are a treat to make at home. If you’ve never eaten a savoury one before this is the recipe to try…

Pickled onion rings

Onion rings are the best match for beer. Our version is drowned in homemade pickle, coated with beer batter, then deep-fried until crisp and golden.

Spiced cod fritters with harissa honey dip

These crunchy fish fritters with sweet and spicy dip from Persian cooking guru Sabrina Ghayour are a great idea for a middle-Eastern dinner party spread

Salt cod fritters with harissa honey dip

Fried shrimp po’boy sandwich

The po’ boy is a New Orleans classic. The fried fillings include catfish, oysters and soft-shelled crab. What makes it extra special is the remoulade, a spiced Cajun mayo-based sauce.

Deep-fried stuffed olives

A deliciously moreish appetiser, these deep-fried olives are stuffed with oozing cheese, cured meats and anchovies. The garlic mayo with saffron adds a Spanish kick.

Avocado fries

Just when you thought you’d reached peak avocado, California comes up with something new. These creamy wedges coated in toasty shards of crunchy corn tortilla are delicious with huevos rancheros or spice-rubbed steak, or dipped in hot sauce or salsa and served with a cold beer

Avocado fries recipe olive magazine

Korean fried chicken

This Korean fried chicken (or Jin Chick) is the signature dish at Jinjuu in soho. Served with a fiery gochujang red sauce or black soy sauce and a side of pickled white radish, they’re irresistible. Buy gochujang from souschef.co.uk.

Deep fried camembert with membrillo

Our quick, easy, vegetarian starter for deep fried camembert with membrillo is a great weekend treat

Buttermilk fried turkey

Buttermilk fried turkey is a great alternative to chicken. The buttermilk makes the batter really light and crisp

Roast chicken coxhina

Coxhina means little thigh in Brazil, after the meat they’re filled with. They make a great street food-inspired snack

Salt cod croquettes with shaved fennel salad

This recipe for salt cod croquettes with shaved fennel salad from Bandol, Chelsea, went down a treat with the olive team

Deep fried whitebait with artichoke and white bean dip

This recipe for deep fried whitebait with artichoke and white bean dip is great to serve as a starter or a snack alongside drinks

Deep-fried dill pickles

Deep-fried dill pickles are the perfect snack to serve alongside a beer with a ranch dip, or a burger. They’re a little effort but so worth it

Deep-fried dill pickles

Crab scotch quail’s eggs with mustard mayo

These crab scotch quail’s eggs with mustard mayo make a great twist on a classic British snack. They’re easy to make but look impressive making them perfect to serve with drinks