How to use a handheld vegetable spiralizer

Who needs an expensive machine? If you’re looking to eat more veg or cut carbs, follow our simple video for handheld spiralizing

step-by-step guide to spiralizing vegetables 


Watch the video above to learn how to spiralize vegetables with a handheld spiralizer.

step 1

For courgettes: top and tail your courgette and make sure it’s been washed.

step 2

Hold the machine with your left hand (if you’re right-handed) and with the courgette in your right hand, twist it into the machine.

Make sure you hold the machine above a bowl or work surface, so that the courgette noodles have somewhere to fall.

step 3

Cook your courgetti using our brilliant spiralizer and courgetti guide (plus: healthy spiralizer recipes) Remember: you can use this technique for almost any vegetable – try carrots, cucumber, mooli, parsnip or daikon.

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