Easy Vegetarian Pie Recipes

Best ever vegetarian pie recipes

There's nothing like a warming pie with a golden crust and delicious filling. Our best ever vegetarian pies are filled with creamy leek, savoury tomato and buttery squash. Or try something lighter with our spinach and ricotta filo pie.

Our vegetarian pie recipes make easy vegetarian entertaining ideas. Try our vegetarian shepherd’s pie recipe and plenty of ways to make the perfect vegetable pie. From classic puff pastry pies to modern twists on veggie alternatives, we have a recipe for you…


Vegetarian shepherd’s pie with lentils

This vegetarian recipe for spiced lentil shepherd’s pie is a great vegan version of a classic. It’s ready in 1 hour and is enough to feed the whole family.

Spiced lentil shepherd's pie

Creamy leek and cheese pie

A classic vegetarian pie idea. This creamy leek and cheese pie is a great, comforting veggie main that’ll please the whole family. You can also freeze this easily for a stress-free midweek meal.

Tomato and cheese pie

Make an easy vegetarian pie with readymade shortcrust pastry. Filled with cheese and onion with an extra layer of tomato this is comfort food at its best.

Squash and ricotta croissant wreath

This epic vegetarian entertaining recipe is perfect for when the relatives descend on your home for the holidays. Using Jus-Rol croissant dough from the can reduces the faff and we’ve even included a video to help you on your way

Squash and ricotta crossiant wreath

Cauliflower sformato with crispy kale and caramelised pine nuts

Think of a sformato as a little like a cross between a dense soufflé and a crustless quiche. The term literally means ‘unmoulded’ in Italian, which doesn’t sound half as romantic when you translate it. It can be made with all sorts of vegetables and makes a really impressive vegetarian dinner party main course.

Cauliflower sformato with crispy kale and caramelised pine nuts

Courgette galette

This beautiful recipe for courgette galette is easy to make, vegetarian and ready in under an hour. Plus, it looks stunning when you bring it to the table

courgette gallette

Squash and mushroom pot pies

One of our favourites. Topped with golden puff pastry, these individual vegetarian pies, filled with squash and mushrooms in a quick sauce are simple to make.

Spinach and ricotta filo pie 

Our spinach and ricotta vegetarian pie made with filo pastry is very light at under 200 calories per slice. Ready in under an hour you can make it ahead and cook it when you need it.

Spinach and ricotta filo pie 

Our spinach and ricotta filo pie is a great, easy-to-make veggie option. Serve as a snack or a main with a green salad.

Squash, parmesan and sage galette

Stilton and potato pies

These cute vegetarian pies are a great meat-free alternative to serve for Sunday lunch. Under the crisp puff pastry lid is a filling of potato, gruyere and creamy blue cheese.


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