Best ever steak recipes

Whether you're entertaining at the weekend or planning a special weeknight meal, don't miss our twelve succulent steak recipes. Think fresh chimichurri steak, lamb steaks with feta, tomato and rosemary, teriyaki steak skewers with chopped green Asian salad and côte de boeuf with caramelised shallots.

Steak and winter greens

This warm winter salad is quick and easy, making for a great midweek meal. The steak makes it feel like a real treat, a perfect way to pep-up your week.


Lemon and pepper steak with warm potato salad

An easy peppery steak recipe served with a hearty, warm green bean, tomato and potato salad. This makes a great quick after-work supper for two, on the table in less than 20 minutes.

Lamb steaks with feta, tomato and rosemary

Feta adds a tangy flavour that really works with the sweet lamb and juicy tomatoes in this Greek-style dish. Ready in 30 minutes, it makes a perfect, simple midweek supper.

Spiced steak with sweet potato wedges

This is a quick and easy way to inject more flavour into your steak. Plus, serving with sweet potato wedges instead of chips cuts the calories to under 500.

Steak and onions with celeriac mash

This steak and celeriac dish is quick and easy, yet delivers big flavours meaning that you can cook something imaginative midweek. Earthy celeriac is a great alternative to chips and works perfectly with the rich red wine sauce.

Steak, beetroot and asparagus salad

Steak always feels like a treat to us. This steak salad with asparagus and earthy beetroot is perfect for a lighter dinner during the summer months. It’s less than 300 calories per portion and ready in under 30 minutes!

Steak with chimichurri 

Chimichurri is a punchy South American salsa made from fresh coriander, red onion, vinegar and spices. Try it in this quick and easy steak supper for 2, ready in less than 15 minutes.

Lamb steaks with harissa-roasted sweet potatoes

The best family meal for lamb steaks. We love sweet potato wedges and these paprika-dusted ones are quick and easy to make at home. Ready in just half an hour.

Chargrilled steak with Tabasco butter and avocado salad

This recipe for chargrilled steak with Tabasco butter and avocado salad is guaranteed to be a new favourite. The Tabasco butter adds a spicy kick and the avocado salad keeps it fresh.

Balsamic-glazed steak with garlicky green beans

Make the perfect stylish supper with this glazed steak recipe. Sirloin is fried in balsamic for a sticky sweet finish. Serve green beans cooked in garlic and cloves on the side.

Teriyaki steak skewers with chopped green Asian salad

Making sure you eat healthily doesn’t mean that you have to deny yourself. Try this recipe for teriyaki steak skewers with chopped green Asian salad which comes in at under 500 calories and is packed with flavour.

John Torode’s côte de boeuf with caramelised shallots

John Torode’s côte de boeuf with caramelised shallots makes for a great, indulgent steak for two. Look for beef that has been matured for 21-28 days and take it out of the fridge 30 minutes before cooking.

Spicy steak rotis with tamarind & griddled cucumber

This recipe for spicy steak rotis with tamarind and grilled cucumber is a great new way to eat steak. It’s easy but packs in a lot of flavour

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