Best ever risotto recipes ready in under 45 minutes

13 delicious risotto recipes, all ready in under 45 minutes, and all perfect for midweek entertaining. Choose from creamy radicchio and pancetta, vegetable freekeh risotto or a more sophisticated risotto with barolo wine. Plus we've added in a bonus idea for arancini balls to make with your leftovers...

Brown-buttered crab risotto

This recipe for brown-buttered crab risotto is really easy to make and ready in just 35 minutes, making it a great option midweek.

Brown-buttered crab risotto

Freekeh risotto with spring greens

Freekeh is made from cracked, roasted green wheat. It works well for risotto as the grains keep their bite when cooked. Try this recipe for something a bit different. For more vegetarian entertaining ideas, have a look here.


Scallop and prawn risotto

Our recipe for scallop and prawn risotto is easy to make but looks and tastes impressive. Leftover scallops? Make one of our scallop recipes.

Scallop and prawn risotto

Porcini and spinach risotto

Dried porcini mushrooms are a really useful ingredient to keep in your store cupboard. Added to this creamy risotto with fresh mushrooms and spinach they give a deeply savoury concentrated flavour. A smart quick supper for 2.

Radicchio and pancetta risotto

Radicchio and pancetta are a classic Italian pairing. Sharp and salty, they have been brought together to complement this creamy risotto, which can be whipped up for a quick midweek dinner.

Leek and parmesan risotto

This seriously simple risotto recipe is ideal for meat-free Monday. Spring onion and leek risotto is cooked traditionally in white wine and topped with parmesan.

Hot-smoked salmon, dill and lemon risotto

You don’t have to spend hours cooking to make something delicious. This hot-smoked salmon, dill and lemon risotto is full of light, fresh flavours and is ready in just 30 minutes – perfect for a midweek meal.

Bacon and roasted tomato risotto

This comforting risotto is ready in just 30 minutes and can be made using ingredients you may already have in your fridge and store cupboard – perfect to whip up after work. Get your bacon fix with our bacon recipes here.

Butternut and sage risotto

Indulgent but easy enough for weeknights. This butternut squash risotto with sage will hit the spot when you need Italian comfort food. Ready in half an hour.

Spinach and mushroom pearl barley risotto

A new recipe for risotto that you will love. Use pearl barley instead of rice, with mushrooms and spinach, it makes an easy but filling meal for one.

Sausage, radicchio and barolo risotto

A stylish but fuss-free one-pot that delivers on flavour – a handy one for your next dinner party. If you don’t want to go to the expense of using barolo, use another sturdy Italian red. Red wine leftovers? Use up your red wine in these recipes.

Risotto di peperoni (risotto with peppers)

This classic creamy risotto is bursting with the late summer flavours of ripe tomato, basil and roasted pepper.


Supplì al telefono

Any leftover risotto? Supplì are Italian snacks like arancini made from a ball of rice, egg and tomatoes – typical of the Roman diet. Here we suggest using your leftover cooked risotto to make these gooey, cheesy bites. Tempted by our best cheese recipes in the world now? Here they are!