Best ever noodle soup recipes

Noodle soup is the ultimate comfort food, full of fragrant Asian flavours to warm you up. Ramen, laksa, chicken noodle soup with dumplings - take your pick from our 16 easy recipes.

Chicken noodle soup is food for the soul, the most comforting warm bowl of goodness to make you feel better. We have put together our favourite healthy noodle soup recipes for you to try, from Vietnamese pho to Malaysian laksa, Thai red curry noodle soup to spicy ramen. We even have Bone Daddies’ legendary spicy miso ramen recipe for you to make at home. Check out our ideas here…


Chicken noodle soup with dumplings

Easy-to-follow recipe for chicken noodle soup soup at its heartwarming best. With noodles and wanton dumplings, this Asian-flavoured broth is both light and filling. 

Chicken and sweetcorn dumpling soup

Thai coconut fish noodle soup

Our Thai coconut fish noodles are warming and packed with flavour. This recipe is quick, easy and a comforting midweek meal. Be inspired by our Thai recipes, here.

A warming bowl of Thai style coconut fish egg noodles with cod, spinach and limes

Red Thai curry noodle soup

This light curry noodle soup is packed full of delicious Thai flavours. For a vegan version of this recipe, season with salt instead of fish sauce and use a vegan curry paste. It’s ready in just 20 minutes and comes in under 500 calories.


Cheat’s spicy pork ramen

Ramen may seem like one of those dishes you can’t recreate at home, but this recipe for cheat’s spicy pork ramen changes that. Rather than spending hours making stock, we buy a good flavoured one and spike it with Asian aromatics.

Spicy pork ramen

Beef pho

Quick, healthy and packed with flavour, beef pho is easier to make than you think. The Vietnamese have this fragrant noodle soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try our Vietnamese recipes here.

beef pho

Hot and sour fish soup

Our quick and easy Asian-inspired hot-and-sour fish soup is full of big flavours like ginger, chilli and lemongrass but is ready in just 20 minutes.

Hot-and-sour fish soup

Prawn and mushroom miso soup

This super quick and easy prawn and mushroom miso soup means you can have a healthy but comforting meal on the table in just 15 minutes – perfect for a midweek supper. 

Prawn and mushroom miso noodle soup recipe

Beef ramen

Our recipe for beef ramen is comfort in a bowl. It doesn’t have to take hours to make, though. This version is ready in under 30 minutes and comes in at under 500 calories, making it achievable midweek.           

beef ramen

Ramen noodles with chilli salmon

Salmon is a great choice for a quick midweek supper for 2. This Asian-inspired recipe cooks salmon in a zingy broth with chilli and soy then serves over instant noodles. A complete meal in a bowl.

Ramen noodles

Beef noodle soup

The best recipe for an easy beef noodle soup. Cook steak strips in stock with spring onion and ginger before pouring over hot noodles. Quick bowl food for two.

beef noodles

Japanese curry noodles

Try this flavoursome recipe when you’re short of time but still looking for a seriously delicious dinner. You can buy blocks of Japanese curry roux (used as a soup base) in Asian supermarkets, but it’s just as easy to make your own.

Japanese Curry Noodles

Coconut chicken noodles

The fresh ingredients in these coconut chicken noodles give the dish a lovely fragrance to match it’s delicious flavour. On the table in 30 minutes, making it perfect for mid-week.

coconut chicken

Bone Daddies’ spicy miso ramen

This spicy miso ramen is from the hip Japanese ramen restaurant Bone Daddies. It takes a little time but the result is worth it: rich pork broth with noodles and exotic ingredients. Prepare and marinade the eggs and the meat the night before for best results.

spicy miso ramen

Prawn laksa (spicy noodle soup)

This quick meal for two hails from Malaysia and takes just 20 minutes to prepare. Warming prawn noodle broth with spicy Laksa paste is topped with cucumber and coriander.

prawn laksa

Hot and sour duck noodle soup with baby pak choi

The best duck noodle soup recipe. With classic Thai flavours and Asian pak choi and noodles, it’s both light and filling and enough for four hungry guests.

hot and sour duck noodles

Chicken laksa

A quick laksa recipe. Cook chicken and laksa paste in a pan with beansprouts, kaffir lime leaves and coconut milk for an easy and healthy one pot for the family, or as a casual dinner party dish for friends. We have plenty of easy one pot ideas here.

chicken laksa

Chilli beef and radish noodle soup

This chilli beef and radish noodle soup is quick and easy to prepare and ready in under 500 calories but is packed full of fresh flavours – ideal for a midweek meal.

chilli beef and radish soup

Asian hot and sour fish soup

Our Asian hot and sour fish soup is quick, easy and under 300 calories – the perfect light, fragrant meal to warm you up.

asian hot and sour noodle soup

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