Mini jam donuts recipe

Best ever donut recipes

Our best ever donut recipes are easy to make and make an unbeatable sweet snack, perfect for a crowd-pleasing dessert to keep everyone coming back for more

Our easy donut recipes are the perfect comfort food to please a crowd. If you fancy making your own take on a Krispy Kreme donut recipe, we have plenty of ideas below. From classic jam donuts covered in icing sugar, to indulgent chocolate-filled donuts with Bailey glaze, and Spanish churros with chocolate dipping sauce. We have the best donut recipes here:


Cinnamon donuts

Our best fresh donut recipe: these cinnamon-dusted donuts with chocolate sauce are the perfect rainy-day project. If you’re feeling particularly indulgent serve with vanilla ice cream on the side.

Cinnamon donuts

Donut holes with whisky dipping sauce

The best pudding for a dinner party or a weekend treat. This is a fun idea for homemade donuts with an exciting dipping sauce, a delicious creamy whisky sauce. Makes enough for 6-8 people.

Donut holes with whiskey sauce

Strawberry and cream donuts

We’ve taken the classic British combination, strawberries and cream, and transformed it into a donut. These donuts are not only incredibly moreish and easy to make, they’re a perfect summertime treat.

Strawberry and Cream Doughnuts

Mini jam donuts

Mini jam donuts are easy to make and such a crowd-pleaser. If you love freshly cooked donuts but can’t be doing with deep-frying, this is the recipe for you. Try filling your second batch with Nutella or lemon curd instead of jam. We also have a Nutella pancakes recipe here for chocoholics.

Mini jam donuts recipe

Baked blueberry donuts with lemon glaze

These baked blueberry donuts with lemon glaze look fantastic, taste delicious and are surprisingly easy to make. Plus, because they’re baked not fried, they’re healthier than your average donut. You will need a donut-baking tray, available from Lakeland or Sainsbury’s.

Baked blueberry donuts with lemon glaze

Baked Easter spiced donuts

If you haven’t made these donuts yet, you haven’t lived. Bit of an exaggeration, but seriously: our ginger and Speculoos-spiked donuts are i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e! And we’ve even shot a video to show you how to make them.

baked Easter donuts

Churros with hot chocolate sauce

Everyone loves Spanish churros and they won’t believe these are homemade! The rich, indulgent hot chocolate sauce is also delicious over ice cream. If you’re in the mood for more chocolate, try one of our indulgent chocolate recipes here.

Churros with chocolate sauce

Chocolate-filled donuts with Baileys glaze

These baked chocolate-filled donuts with Baileys glaze are deliciously indulgent. Enjoy them as an afternoon treat with a cup of tea, or serve as a pudding. Baking them avoids the hassle of deep-frying if you’re not confident. Here are the BEST Baileys recipes in the world.

donuts with Baileys glaze

Loukoumades (Greek donuts)

One of the pleasures of a Greek holiday comes in those moments after dark (and after dinner) when everyone moves to the tables in a local square to drink coffee and eat plates of tiny cinnamon-scented donuts. Whether your preference is for the sugar-dusted variety or those soaked in honey, try making these donuts at home for a crowd-pleasing dessert with a difference.

loukoumades greek donuts