Boozy cranberry Sauce

Best ever Christmas trimmings recipes

A good trimming truly makes a Christmas lunch - pigs in blankets, stuffing, proper gravy and golden Yorkshire puddings are all essential additions for festive plates. Try one of our 11 recipes to give your Christmas meal a special twist

Sage and apple pigs in blankets

A classic Christmas side-dish with a twist. Crisp bacon, sweet and sour apple and aromatic sage, what more could you want from your piggies at Christmas?

Sage and apple pigs in blankets

Make-ahead gravy

This gravy will save you juggling pans on Christmas day and you can even make and freeze it if you want to get really ahead. Add any last-minute juices from the turkey to this when you reheat it for an extra bump of flavour.

make-ahead Gravy

Pancetta and sage stuffing cakes 

An absolute cracker of a recipe, even if we do say so ourselves. Instead of same-old stuffing balls, make your own stuffing CAKES with sausage, chestnuts, pancetta and sage. Plus, they can be made a day ahead and then chilled until Christmas Day itself.

Boozy cranberry sauce

Made with red wine and port, this tangy and indulgent cranberry sauce makes a perfect accompaniment to your Christmas turkey or goose.

Boozy cranberry Sauce

Yorkshire puddings

One of our best recipes for Yorkies. For extra flavour and a light, fluffy texture, try using dripping and make sure the fat is hot before adding your batter. We reveal the secrets to brilliant Yorkshire puddings, including perfecting the batter, flavourings, fat and cooking time in our guide to make the best Yorkshire puddings (plus recipes)

Bubble and squeak stuffing 

This is two dishes in one, making Christmas even easier. Plus, you can make it the day ahead.


The trick to fantastic gravy is good ingredients. Real gravy needs the tin a roast has been cooked in for real flavour. Make sure you pour off any excess fat before you start and take your time stirring the roux to avoid lumps!

Pork, sage and chestnut stuffing parcels

The best recipe for stuffing. These little bite-sized parcels use vacuum-packed chestnuts, which give a gorgeous festive touch. Wrapped in bacon they look good and taste good too. Make plenty to go alongside your Christmas dinner.

Bacon-wrapped dates with quince marmalade

This recipe for bacon-wrapped dates with quince marmalade comes from Dan Doherty of Duck & Waffle and makes for a great festive canapé when you have guests over. They look really impressive but are actually very easy to make.

Ciabatta and rosemary stuffing

An easy Italian-style stuffing. Prep this ahead, then cook while the roast is resting. For a veggie stuffing, just leave out the pancetta. Ciabatta will give the stuffing a great chunky texture. Goes well with all roasts, especially turkey.


Cranberry and chestnut stuffing

Festive stuffing bites for your Christmas dinner. Balls of dried cranberry, sausagemeat, and chestnuts, wrapped in streaky bacon. Pop these in the oven during the roast potatoes’ last 30 minutes of cooking and watch everyone devour them when you bring them to the table.