Best ever Christmas baking recipes

Try one of our sixteen easy Christmas baking recipes - mince pies, Christmas cake, and ginger, chocolate and rum and raisin flavoured cakes and bakes for the festive season

White Christmas cake

This is a very light vanilla cake, and one that we love to serve on Christmas Day in place of a normal fruit cake. In order to keep the colour as white as possible, use a very light-coloured butter such as Lurpak.

white Christmas cake

Spiced Christmas biscuits

Our festive biscuits make perfect edible Christmas decorations to hang from your tree or mantle. You can leave them out for Santa or wrap them up as a gift, the possibilities are endless!

Spiced Christmas biscuits

Spiced rum bamkuchen

This dessert would be a showstopper for Christmas Day. Slice it open to reveal the many layers which will wow your guests. It might take a bit of time to prepare, but it’s worth the effort!

Spiced rum bamkuchen

Bourbon meringue mince pies

Just because you’re gluten free doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the Christmas fun. These boozy mince pies don’t compromise on flavour or texture

Bourbon meringue mince pies served on a cake stand next to mini white christmas trees

Chocolate and burnt butterscotch layer cake

This deliciously indulgent, grown-up chocolate and burnt butterscotch cake looks really impressive and is definitely worth the effort.

burnt butterscotch cake

 Christmas Advent biscuits

Make your own gingerbread Advent biscuits for Christmas using this easy recipe. Eat them one-a-day or all at once!

christmas cookies

Mince pies with shortbread pastry

Put an imaginative twist on your classic mince pie recipe this Christmas by adding shortbread pastry.

Mince pies with shortbread pastry

Sour cherry stollen bars

This ingredients list may look lengthy but it’s all about building up the textures and flavours to make this the most moreish bar ever – way better than regular stollen.

Sour cherry stollen bars dusted with icing sugar and lined up in rows

 Toffee apple cinnamon buns

Cinnamon buns are a really popular treat and apples, caramel and cinnamon make these gorgeously sticky buns a great brunch bake. Dried active yeast needs to be reactivated in water and gives a better rise than fast-action yeast. Find it in tubs in the baking aisle.

toffee and cinamon buns

Victoria sponge with spiced Christmas curd

This recipe for Victoria sponge with spiced Christmas curd is an easy, festive twist on a classic cake – perfect for festive baking.

victoria sponge with Christmas curd

Mini viennese mince pies

How do you make mini mince pies taste even better? Add even more buttery goodness with a viennese swirl biscuit topping, of course!

Vinenese mini mince pies

Apricot and white chocolate cookies

These apricot and white chocolate cookies are really easy to make but taste delicious. They are ideal for a bit of festive baking and only take 40 minutes.

white chocolate cookies

Dark chocolate florentines

These crunchy biscuits would make a great festive afternoon treat. Hang them from ribbons as an edible Christmas tree decoration or stack them on a plate and enjoy them with a comforting cup of tea.

Dark chocolate florentines

Cranberry and almond muffins

Packed full of seasonal produce, these wintry muffins are guaranteed to get you in the mood for Christmas. The perfect mix of sweet and sour, they make a great on-the-go breakfast idea.

Cranberry and almond muffins

Salted butterscotch apple tart

This sweet and salty indulgent pud looks super impressive but is easy to make. Arrange the apples just right and you’ll get the perfect pinwheel shape.

Salted butterscotch apple tart

Gingerbread bundt cake

Guinness and dark chocolate add an extra depth of flavour and slight smokiness to this dark gingerbread. It’s best to make in advance then leave un-iced in an airtight box overnight or for a couple of days and glaze it an hour or so before serving. That way the flavours of the cake all get a chance to develop.

gingerbread bhunt

White chocolate roulade with Baileys

Treat your loved ones to a great dessert with this luxurious festive bake made with white chocolate and Baileys. It’s easy to make and requires very little effort, prepare it next time you host a dinner party.

white chocolate baileys roulard

Salted maple brownies

How do you make brownies even better? Add sea salt and maple of course! This recipe is really easy to make but looks impressive and delivers big flavours.

salted maple brownies

 Apricot and pistachio sticky buns

These apricot and pistachio sticky buns are hard to resist. They’re perfect for a breakfast treat, or with a cup of tea.
Apricot and pistachio sticky buns recipe

Orange marmalade slump cake

Somewhere between a cake and a pud, this slump is a dense, rich almond and polenta cake. Serve warm with a generous dollop of crème fraîche. This recipe is really easy but looks really impressive.

orange marmalade slump cake

 Chocolate and ginger brownie cake

A stupendous cake for tea, our chocolate brownie cake has chopped preserved ginger in the mix to give it an extra spice and a bit of a grown-up twist to really impress.

gingerbread brownie

 Quince and honey cake

Quince and honey is a great autumnal flavour combination. Try them together in this recipe for an easy quince and honey cake that looks really impressive.

quince and honey cake

White velvet snowball cake

It might not be snowing outside, but one bite of this cake and you’ll feel like you’re in a winter wonderland. Filled with coconut and covered in white chocolate, it’s sweet and indulgent.

White velvet snowball cake

 Rum and raisin bundt

Rum and raisin is a real crowd-pleasing flavour combo. Try this rum and raisin bundt cake warm, for pudding, dolloped with sweetened whipped cream.

rum and raisin bundt

 Chocolate hazelnut cake (torta alla nocciola)

This recipe for chocolate hazelnut cake celebrates a classic combination and is deliciously indulgent. It makes for a great dinner party dessert. The recipe comes from Sharing Puglia: Simple, Delicious Food From Italy’s Undiscovered Coast (£25, Hardie Grant).

chocolate hazlenut cake

 Chocolate, hazelnut and cinnamon kugelhupf

Kugelhupf is a light cake similar to brioche or baba and is popular in central Europe. This version is made with chocolate, hazelnut and cinnamon.

Chocolate hazelnut and cinnamon kugelhupf

 Rum-raisin chocolate torte with brown sugar crème fraîche

Surely the photo speaks for itself. A decadent, boozy chocolate torte that’s just perfect for the festive season. If you don’t have it on Christmas Day, knock it up a couple of days later for maximum appreciation by your holiday guests. Dollies are great for decorating.

rum and raisin chocolate torte

 Tangerine and marzipan muffins

These tangerine and marzipan muffins are easy to make and ready in under an hour – serve with an afternoon cup of tea or for an indulgent weekend breakfast.

tangerine and marzinpan muffins

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