Shanghai beef noodles

Best ever Chinese recipes

Try one of our Chinese recipes to celebrate wealth, prosperity and longevity at Chinese New Year... and of course, amazing Chinese flavours. A great alternative to a weekend takeaway!

Chicken and sweetcorn dumpling soup

Easy-to-follow recipe for chicken soup at its heartwarming best. With noodles and wanton dumplings, this Asian-flavoured broth is both light and filling.

Chicken and sweetcorn dumpling soup

Twice-cooked Chinese pork

This delicious twice-cooked Chinese pork belly is really tender and packed with great flavours. Serve with green vegetables and steamed rice.

chinese pork

Open-top pork and scallop dumpling

Dumplings are a symbol of wealth, so serve this light and impressive appetiser to celebrate good fortune. Filled with scallops and pork mince in an oyster sauce, these little parcels are a delicious burst of flavour.

Duck gyoza 

Gyoza, also known as jiaozi, are Chinese dumplings often containing a meat or vegetable filling. Learn to make these delicious little parcels with our step-by-step guide to duck gyoza. Accompanied by a homemade dipping sauce, it’s the perfect dish to entertain friends and ring in the Chinese New Year.

Duck gyoza

Ginger lemon sole with Chinese greens

A quick, easy and healthy recipe for mid-week flavour. Fish celebrates prosperity and greens symbolise longevity, so you are sure to eat your good fortune’s worth.

Five-spice beef with sesame greens 

An easy-to-follow recipe for slow-cooking a cheap cut of beef. With Asian flavours and sesame greens, this is a one-pot that friends and family will enjoy together.

Seared sesame tofu with noodle salad

A great vegetarian option, the sesame seeds and red chilli liven up this tofu dish. According to the Chinese, the noodles bring longevity, bonus!

Sweet soy aubergine noodles

Ditch the take away menu and grab a pan, these low calorie vegetarian noodles are a quick and easy mid-week meal idea guaranteed to hit the spot.

Sweet soy aubergine noodles

Chinese chicken noodle broth

If you love the bowls of Asian soup noodles you now find in restaurants on every high street, you’ll be thrilled to discover how easy they are to make at home. This Chinese chicken noodle broth is a great way of using up leftover roast chicken.

Shanghai fried beef noodles

Ready in just 30 minutes, these Shanghai fried beef noodles make a great, easy meal for two midweek.

Sticky duck with cucumber and spring onion salad

This recipe for sticky duck with cucumber and spring onion salad takes a little extra time but is easy to make and under 500 calories, so it’s great for midweek.

Slow-roast duck with sweet tamarind

This tender and sticky duck serves four and would make for a great centre pieces for a casual dinner party. Get everyone involved and carve this one on the table before you serve it up with basmati rice and pay choy.

Slow-roasted duck with sweet tamarind

Crispy duck and peach pancakes

Tangy peach sauce makes a great, simple twist to classic crispy duck pancakes. It’s so much more satisfying than calling a takeaway.

Crispy duck and peach pancakes

Chinese red-cooked pork

This Chinese recipe from John Torode takes time but the result you get will be well worth it – sweet, juicy, delicious pork that will be so addictive you’ll want some in the fridge at all times.