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Best ever biscuit recipes

Who doesn't love a biscuit and a good cup of tea? It's Britain's favourite past time! These 20 quick and easy biscuit recipes make delicious afternoon tea-time snacks - try one of our fun twists on the classic cookie recipe

Our best biscuit recipes and cookies recipes are quick and easy to bake. Chocolate chip cookie recipes, shortbread biscuits and chocolate biscuits, we have them all. Bake some homemade cookies for an afternoon tea party, or make our easy biscuit recipes with your kids for some weekend fun.


Try traditional biscuits such as ginger shortbreads and jammy dodgers, or bake one of our fun twists on homemade cookies recipes such as peanut butter thumbprint cookies or chocolate rye volcano cookies. Plus: the olive magazine team tries to decide what their favourite ever biscuit recipe is (scroll down to the foot of the page to find out the results)

Double chocolate walnut meringue cookies

A really impressive cookie recipe that’s super easy to make. These dark and white chocolate meringue cookies are an easy afternoon treat, crisp on the outside and soft and gooey in the middle.

Double Chocolate Walnut Meringue Cookies

Double chocolate Toblerone cookies

Fancy a fun twist on a cookie recipe? No one will be able to resist these double chocolate Toblerone cookies. They’re easy to make but make a great special treat. Try our other baking recipes that will transform your favourite chocolate bars, biscuits and spreads.

Double chocolate Toblerone cookies

Posh Jammie Dodgers

We’ve given the ultimate classic biscuit a posh makeover. This posh Jammie Dodger recipe gives a childhood favourite biscuit an update, it’s a really impressive tea time snack.

Peanut butter thumbprint cookies

How cute are these cookies?! These peanut butter thumbprint cookies use the classic peanut butter and jam (or jelly) combination in a fun new way. They’re best eaten the day they’re made!

Cobnut and chocolate shortbreads

Nothing beats an easy shortbread biscuit recipe. Chocolate shortbreads, our favourite biscuit already, but add cobnuts (part of the hazelnut family) and your teatime treat just got a whole lot better.

Chocolate rye volcano cookies

This recipe from baking legend Edd Kimber makes some seriously good chocolate cookies. We call them volcanoes because as they bake, they erupt and spread into fabulous, fudgy cookies.

Volcano Cookies

Caramelised white chocolate cookies

How do you make a classic cookie even better? By studding it with caramelised white chocolate, that’s how!

Strawberry Jaffa cakes

We’ve taken a great British classic biscuit recipe and given it our own twist with this recipe for strawberry jaffa cakes. They’re a little effort but everyone will love them.

Strawberry jaffa cakes

Pistachio swirl biscuits

Easy homemade biscuits: made with cocoa and pistachio, these nutty treats are quick to bake. Make plenty they won’t last for long when the family spots them.

Apricot and white chocolate cookies

Our apricot and white chocolate cookies are really easy to make but taste delicious. They are ideal for a bit of festive baking and only take 40 minutes.

Apricot and white chocolate cookies recipe

Bourbon biscuit brownies

What’s better than a chocolate Bourbon biscuit? Chocolate Bourbon brownies! This is one of our favourite recipes of 2016 – trust us, you’ll need to make a double batch. Try our best brownie recipes for more baking inspiration.

Breakfast cookies

These breakfast cookies are easy to make and full of wholesome ingredients including fibre-packed oatmeal and fruit – ideal for a breakfast or mid-morning snack. Try our other on-the-go breakfast ideas here.

breakfast cookies

Rosemary and walnut shortbread

This homemade biscuit recipe is an original take on Scottish shortbread with a crunch of walnut and a piney-aroma of rosemary. Try drizzling with dark chocolate for a special touch and serve with a cup of tea.

Black and white pinwheel cookies

These pinwheel cookies are delicious by themselves or served with ice cream or chocolate mousse. You can even make extra and keep in the freezer until you need it.

Chunky chocolate chip cookies

Our best ever chocolate chip cookie recipe with chunks of dark chocolate and walnut. Porridge oats give the cookie a soft and chewy texture that everyone will love.

Jammy biscuits

You can make these homemade jammy biscuits a day or two in advance and fill them on the spot. We like raspberry or apricot jam best for the middle, but feel free to choose your own flavour.

Double chocolate almond biscotti

Our double chocolate almond biscotti make great edible gifts, but are delicious all year round. Make them as a little treat to have with your coffee.

Our favourite ever biscuit recipes

We’re trying to find the *best ever* olive magazine biscuit recipe… here are our top five, as chosen by team olive. Do you agree with us? Or have we missed something out?

Alex, digital writer – ginger shortbreads

“When something has ‘triple ginger’ in the description, I just know I’m going to love it. Crumbly shortbread with sweet and peppery root ginger makes an ideal teatime snack, and the crystallised stem ginger on top adds a final sweet touch.

These crumbly ginger shortbreads are perfect for elevenses with a hot cup of tea or alternatively with strawberries and cream for dessert. All-in-all, they’re extremely moreish – I could eat a whole tin!”

Janine, food director – salted caramel shortbread

“Crumbly shortbread studded with shards of salted caramel and drizzled in dark chocolate… this biscuit has winner written all over it!”

Sarah, sub editor & drinks writer – double-dipped peanut biscuits

“These double-dipped peanut biscuits call for just three ingredients to make the actual biscuit, and so are incredibly easy to make. I love the crunch and slight salty-savoury flavour that the peanut butter adds, and anything dipped in two types of chocolate has got to be a winner.

The different coloured stripes that you get makes them look a bit more special, and I’m happy to let people think they took more effort to make than they actually did!”

We’re mad about peanut butter, so we’ve plenty more peanut butter recipes here.

Charlotte, web editor – strawberry shortcake ice-cream sandwiches

strawberry shortcake ice-cream sandwiches

“My favourite olive magazine biscuit recipe? Easy! It has to be the strawberry shortcakes, with strawberry ice cream sandwiched in between them. We love them in the summer time, and also make the shortbread biscuits by themselves when it’s too cold for ice cream. Plus, this recipe comes with a handy how-to video, so it’s hard to go wrong…”