Best ever beetroot recipes

Check out our top beetroot recipes for salads, roasts and burgers. Deep red, earthy beetroot adds depth to salads and is a great meat-free alternative for vegetarians

Check out our best ever beetroot recipes. Here you’ll find our top best 15 recipes for cooking beets, from roasted beets to recipes for salads, roasts and burgers. Deep red, earthy beetroot adds depth to salads and is a great meat-free alternative for vegetarians and vegans.


Spicy beetroot and pak choy with ramen eggs and sriracha

This low fat spicy caramlised beetroot salad with marinated ramen eggs, pak choi and sriracha, is a quick and easy summer meal. Raw pak choy gives a delicious crunch, but steam it if you prefer.

Spicy Beetroot and Pak Choi with Ramen eggs and Siriracha

Beetroot, feta and thyme tart

This beetroot, feta and thyme tart looks amazing and tastes delicious, too. It requires a bit of time, but the recipe itself is really easy. It’s vegetarian, and serves six, so it’s perfect for summer entertaining. Beetroot’s main season runs from July until January, so you’ve got plenty of time to enjoy them.

Beetroot and halloumi sliders with chilli jam

These vegetarian sliders made from chickpeas, beetroot and halloumi work great as snacks, starters or even a main course, simply adjust the portion size each time!

Beetroot, caper and dill salad

A quick and easy salad that takes minutes to prepare. Leave for the flavours to mingle then serve with hard-boiled eggs and fresh dill.

Salt-baked beetroot with mozzarella and lemon salsa

The best recipe for roasted beetroot. Pack in salt and bake for two hours, then create a quick and easy yet smart salad with a simple lemon salsa. A perfect light meal for the weekend served with slices of crusty baguette to mop up the juices.

Beef and beet burgers

Apero restaurant’s ‘unbeetable burger’ is a delicious mash-up by beet-loving head chef Chris Golding – he even has a beetroot tattoo. Here’s our homage to a great combination.

Whipped goat’s cheese with beetroot and herb salad

A celebration of British ingredients, this whipped goat’s cheese is accompanied by an English garden salad of coloured beetroot and British herbs.

Roasted roots and goat’s cheese

Earthy beetroot and roasted parsnips and carrots provide a great contrast to the rich, creamy goat’s cheese in this dish. This is a really simple supper that requires very little hands-on time.

Sausage, beet and red cabbage hotpot

The contrasting sweet and earthy flavours of this dish with the sausages will be a hit with the whole family. Plus, it’s really simple to make and requires minimal ‘hands-on’ time.

Ginger salmon with overnight beetroot pickles

A delicious Scandinavian-inspired dinner of salmon with beetroot and dill pickles. The beautiful colours make it special enough for the weekend, but easy for a midweek supper too.

Steak, beetroot and asparagus salad

Steak always feels like a treat to us. This steak salad with asparagus and earthy beetroot is perfect for a lighter dinner during the summer months. It’s less than 300 calories per portion and ready in under 30 minutes!

Beetroot, goat’s cheese and walnut pittas

These little veggie pockets are a really healthy way to enjoy fresh produce – beetroot, goat’s cheese and walnuts – without being too fussy. They’re easy to make and ready in just fifteen minutes, perfect for a midweek meat-free meal.

Beetroot, horseradish and crème fraîche dip

This vibrant red party dip really packs a punch from earthy beets and fiery horseradish. You can put this together in a flash, all it needs is a quick whizz in a food processor.

Smoked mackerel pâté with cucumber and pickled beetroot

This smoked mackerel pâté is really easy to make but packs in a lot of flavour. Served with cucumber and pickled beetroot make it a bit more special

Beetroot rice with feta

You’ve heard of courgetti and cauliflower steaks, but what about beetroot rice? Beetroot rice is set to be the next big vegetable trend – try it as a super-healthy no-cook main for two

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