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46 brilliant cauliflower recipes

What can you make with cauliflower? The list is endless! Check out our 46 recipes for cauliflower cheese, cauliflower rice, cauliflower curry, cauliflower risotto, cauliflower mash, cauliflower fritters, cauliflower pizzas and so much more

Cauliflower: it’s one of the trendiest vegetables you can eat right now. And also one of the most delicious! We’ve found our favourite 44 recipes – including cauliflower recipes with cheese, Indian cauliflower recipes, baked cauliflower recipes, mashed cauliflower recipes, cauliflower soup recipes and cauliflower curry recipes – for you to try at home.


Some quick facts for you: cauliflower is a member of the brassica family and while it’s almost always white, you can also find purple and green varieties. It’s available all-year round but is best between December and mid-April; choose cauliflowers with bright white heads (no discolouration) and crisp, green leaves.


When blitzed in a food processor, cauliflower resembles fine grains that can be used as a substitution for rice or couscous. You can stir-fry it, roast it or blast it in a microwave for a quick and healthy alternative to carbohydrates.

It’s great for vegetable and protein-packed bowls. Fry cauliflower rice in a drizzle of oil with salt and pepper and a few herbs or spices if you like. Tip into a bowl and top with grilled chicken, roasted veggies, lentils, beans, chickpeas, a few seeds and a dollop of yogurt or guacamole, and you’ve got yourself a super healthy protein-rich dinner.

Here are some of our favourite ways with cauliflower rice…

1. Cauliflower rice with aubergine ragout

Aubergine soaks up flavours, so when paired with cinnamon and harissa this stew has loads going on. Serve with spiced cauliflower rice for a veg-packed vegan supper.

2. Spanish cauli rice

Spicy and smoky chorizo, juicy prawns and hot paprika make this a quick but just-as-good alternative to the rice version.

3. Paella

Take Spanish rice to the next level and get mixed seafood singing with cauli rice! We’re thinking squid, mussels, prawns and clams cooked with saffron-infused fish stock, then folded through parsley and paprika-fried cauliflower rice for a weekend treat.

4. Venison and mutton kofte, cauliflower couscous, flatbread and harissa

Who said cauliflower rice needs to be for carb-dodgers alone? It works really well piled into flatbreads with kofte and harissa.


5. Cauliflower soup with cheese straws

Traditional cauliflower soup, not so traditional croutons. Parmesan puff pastry straws make this an impressive but super easy dinner party starter.

Cauliflower soup with cheese straws

6. Cream of cauliflower soup

Thickened with celery, onions and leeks; seasoned with nutmeg; and blended with cream for a super smooth texture. A bowl of this cauliflower soup and some crusty bread would be a great winter warmer.

7. Cauliflower and cannellini bean soup

Sprinkle with rosemary salt and a drizzle of olive oil. Cannellini beans will fill you up for longer, too.

8. Cauliflower cheese soup with golden herb croutons

There are some good cheesy soups out there… but this one just topped them all.


9. Kichri with smoked haddock and pickled cauliflower

Rich, smoky kedgeree is topped with sweet and sour pickled cauliflower. Stir through the egg yolk before serving for extra creaminess.


10. Chicken and cauliflower curry

Chicken for protein, cauliflower for crunch. Winner winner chicken cauli dinner!

11. Cauliflower and ginger curry

This coconut based cauli curry is uber fragrant, thanks to curry leaves, mustard seeds, lemongrass and lots of ginger. The smell alone will get people running to the dinner table.

Cauliflower and ginger curry

12. Potato and cauliflower curry

This curry is great as a veggie main. It’s easily doubled and uses fresh tomatoes for a light, fragrant sauce spiced with cumin seeds and green chillies.

13. Cauliflower curry

Rich and earthy, this curry made with tomatoes and coconut milk is a real warming one-pot. Spinach and lemon are added right at the end for a lift. This curry reheats really well too; take leftovers to work for lunch the next day

Cauliflower curry


14. Cauliflower and chickpea pilaf with poached egg

One of the best pilafs we’ve tried recently. Add extra chilli, ginger or garlic if you have some spare. Sometimes the easiest recipes are the best!

15. Cauliflower, fennel and herb risotto

This veggie creamy risotto makes a great after-work one pot. We might be tempted to drizzle over some brown butter to serve, just for extra nuttiness…

16. Curried cauliflower rice

This is a great pilaf/curry combo. Add tandoori grilled salmon, chicken or crispy chickpeas for extra protein


17. Cauliflower and manchego fritters with romesco relish

Cauli cheese, but not as you know it! Served with a chunky romesco, these make a great lunch or starter. You could even make mini fritters as a canapé

18. Cauliflower pakoras with pomegranate raita

Cauliflower is deep fried in a simple gram flour batter to make an addictive Indian starter. Serve as a mezze with samosas and poppadums for a sharing dinner party starter.

Cauliflower pakoras with pomegranate raita

19. Cauliflower fritters with spicy peperonata

Healthy and fried? Don’t worry, we’ve done the maths for the calories. Shallow fried, drained and served with a veg-packed spicy peperonata, anyone would be happy to chow down on these.

20. Cauliflower fritters with lemon and capers

A light yet crisp, fluffy batter encases clouds of cauliflower. They met a dressing of lemon and capers and lived happily ever after.


21. Sicilian mackerel with cauliflower purée

This will change your plans for mid-week meal, FACT. It’s that good, we promise you.

22. Mustard pork with cauliflower mash

Mustard and pork is a well-known winner – add cauli mash to mix things up a bit.

23. Cumin lamb fillet with cauliflower crush

Not quite mash, but you’ll have a crush on this cauliflower too once you’ve tried it!


24. Cauliflower crust pizza

Oh hello low-carb cauli pizzas! How you’ve changed no-pizza diet plans for us…

25. Buffalo cauliflower tacos

These vegan, low calorie buffalo cauliflower tacos are ready in just 35 minutes and are so packed with flavour that you won’t even notice you’re being virtuous.

Buffalo cauliflower tacos


26. Cauliflower steaks with capers

Crispy buttery capers are poured over tender, caramelised cauli steaks. No we’re not saying they taste like a steak, but they are just as good!

27. Pan-roasted Cauliflower Steaks With Sauce Vierge

Did you meet our April 2016 cover star? We’re still making this beautiful recipe most weeks. There’s also a how-to video that goes with this recipe, if you need some help.

28. Rarebit cauli steaks

Leave out the Worcestershire sauce to make this awesome recipe truly vegetarian. Need help? This one comes with it’s own how-to video!


29. Turmeric and butter roasted cauliflower with pink pickled onions

A creamy tahini dressing and pink pickled onions make this a multi-tasking main, starter or side.

Turmeric and butter roasted cauliflower with pink pickled onions

30. Spiced baked cauliflower with caper raita

Topped with toasted hazelnuts, garam masala, tangy capers and a creamy yogurt raita. These would make a lovely side for a curry, or tandoori lamb steaks.

31. Cauliflower shawarma, pomegranate, tahini and pine nuts

Shawarma-spiced butter with cumin, all spice, cardamom, lemon and garlic, liberally smothered over a whole cauliflower, barbecued and served with all the toppings. This tastes even better than it looks!

Cauliflower shawarma, pomegranate, tahini and pine nuts

32. Tandoori cauliflower with mint raita

Another impressive centerpiece for vegetable lovers. Serve with naans or rotis and some chutneys on the side.

33. Roasted cauliflower and grape salad with buttermilk dressing

Roasting grapes concentrates their sweetness. Serve with charred cauli, hazelnuts and a tahini buttermilk dressing for a bitter sweet salad. Leftovers make a great lunchbox, too.


34. Cauliflower and fontina cannelloni

Fancy pants cauli territory. This is a game changing meat-free main.

35. Chargrilled broccoli and cauliflower with harissa

Ultimate kebab side dish, just don’t tell anyone it’s healthy! Serve with Le Bab’s epic paneer kebab for a modern kebab inspired dinner.

Chargrilled broccoli and cauliflower with harissa

36. Bacon jam-glazed ox cheeks, charred cauliflower, turnips and leaves

Slow-cooked melt-in-the-mouth beef glazed with smoky bacon jam and served with the veg du jour, roasted cauli. It’s ideal weekend winter food – cook the beef cheeks in the slow cooker the day before if you can.


37. Cauliflower cheese

Yes it’s an obvious one. But is it delicious? Exactly. Where would cauliflower be without cheese.

38. Cauliflower and three-cheese gratin

How to make cauli cheese better – have higher cheese content, obviously!

39. Mustardy cauliflower rarebit toasts

This cheese on toast is next-level.

40. Gammon and cauliflower cheese grills

No toast required, thanks. *Swaps to meat*

41. Cauliflower cheese pot pies

Cheesy gooey pies with flaky pastry. SOLD.

42. Cauliflower cheese tart

You could even use cheesy pastry… too far?

Cauliflower cheese tart

43. Cauliflower, broccoli and mature cheddar gratin

Ultimate comfort food. Serve with roast beef or chicken to up your roast game.

44. Cauli cheese with crunchy sage crumbs

Cauli, cheese, sage, breadcrumbs. This is the God of winter comforts. Oh, my.

Cauli cheese with crunchy sage crumbs


45. Cauli Thai salad

This recipe takes the textures and flavours of a larb salad (usually made with minced chicken or pork) but gives it a veggie twist with cauliflower and some red chilli thrown in for an extra kick of flavour. You can also swap the fish sauce for soy to make it vegan, if you like.

cauli salad

46. Romanesco cauliflower, apple and freekeh with horseradish and dill

This romanesco cauliflower recipe with pink lady apples and freekeh, dressed with fresh horseradish and dill, is a healthy veggie meal for the family. The cauliflower stalks are delicious, yet often they end up being discarded. Here, they’re used as part of the dressing

Romanesco, Apple, Blackened Cauliflower


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